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Do you seek for an efficient tool for staff control? One of the most successful solutions in the market are video monitoring systems. They allow to ensure a reliable control over the actions of drivers, movers and other company employees.

What functions do visual monitoring systems perform in vehicles?

Installation of video monitoring equipment enables to solve several important problems at once:

  • ensure goods loading and unloading quality control;
  • prevent fuel drainings and cases of driver’s traffic violations;
  • receive evidences of rightness, if a vehicle gets into an accident.

Video monitoring system solves one of the essential tasks of any shipping company - control of cargo safety. Inaccurate driving, movers’ recklessness or other factors - cameras will allow to find responsible for working process violation at any situation.

Company managers may always receive information on which stage cargo suffered damages and the reason of their infliction. User may control loading/unloading zone and watch the movement of vehicle. This allows to improve discipline among movers, exclude cases of aggressive driving, unauthorized trips and fuel drainings.

Monitor may be performed both on-line (subject to LTE/3G support along the vehicle route), and after the event. Data is stored in archive, in the occurrence of disputable situation, it is sufficient to download video records, made in the period of time of your concern. Uploading may be made remotely, without necessity to withdraw a vehicle from the trip. The total time of record depends on the hard disc capacity, quality of shooting and number of cameras used.

Function of video preservation solves another important problem of shipping companies. Monitoring system gives irrefutable proof of driver’s rightness in case of accident. Video segments allow to defend a company and an employee at court, exclude the possibility of financial losses.

How can I order the video monitoring system installation?

If you want to know more about video monitoring technologies for vehicles, clarify the equipment value and other information, contact Sputnik Auto consultants. Contact telephone number: +7 (800) 555-92-95.

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